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The Philadelphia Inquirer

Margaux Murphy ‘decided to be broke all the time’ so her Sunday Love Project could feed the hungry.

It all started on Christmas morning in 2014, when Margaux Murphy overslept.

Murphy had been planning to help serve breakfast at a church but awoke too late to get there on time. Feeling terrible about it, the Port Richmond resident headed to Boston Market, bought a dozen meals, and gave them out to homeless people in her own neighborhood.

"But Murphy quickly realized that far more than a dozen people were in need of meals. So she hopped onto Facebook, and asked for help in cooking and distributing meals for future days. A mere 10 days after Christmas, Murphy, with her Facebook friends’ assistance, began serving 40 meals every Sunday outside the Parkway Central Library.

And with that, Murphy, 42, founded the Sunday Love Project, a nonprofit whose mission is “to share food amongst the homeless, while simultaneously building community.”

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