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Dear Friends,

Every year during the holidays, you are flooded by requests from organizations who need your help. This year, the Sunday LOVE Project would like to offer you an alternative to simply funding holiday dinners. Instead, we're asking you to contribute to our Kitchen & Culinary Preparation Workforce Re-entry Program.

This program provides specialized training and guidance by a professional chef to teach its "students" skills and techniques that can be applied to obtain gainful employment in any professional kitchen. Further, program graduates will receive SafeServe Certification - the platinum standard for food preparation professionals and staff in the restaurant and hospitality industry, along with experiential job placement in one of hundreds of restaurants throughout the City of Philadelphia.

At Sunday LOVE, we believe that teaching folks to feed themselves, instead of relying on city resources, is a more effective and sustainable plan of action, and one that sets them on a realistic, lifelong path to self-sufficiency.

So when you're deciding where to contribute your resources this holiday season, please ask yourself if you are helping our food insecure population to receive one meal, or giving them the opportunity to sustain themselves for endless meals in the future?

This season, let's teach our community living in poverty that there is hope...and a transition back into society as contributing members. Having faith in their abilities is a critical first step to starting a new life.

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Margaux Murphy
Sunday Love Project
No matter how much or how little you
have to offer, we appreciate your support!
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