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Our Mission

The Mission of The Sunday Love Project is to share food amongst the homeless, while simultaneously building community.

Our efforts aim to break bread with those who are struggling to make their way back into society as contributing members. We are a liaison between a hungry, struggling mind and a focused, nourished soul. Each week The Sunday Love Project serves between 600 and 800 meals to those in need.

Our Impact

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Meals Served Weekly

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Donations go directly to the needy

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Shop free each month at our Pantry

"We are all human beings; all in the same boat. Some of us may be falling off a little. No one deserves to drown. Let's just extend our hands to those who need a hand up."

Sunday Love In the News

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The Philadelphia Inquirer

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Citizens Helping Citizens Grant
Citizens Helping Citizens Grant

We are so pleased to announce that Sunday Love Project has received Citizen Bank's Citizens...

Sunday FUND-Day
Sunday FUND-Day

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