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Our Mission

The mission of The Sunday LOVE Project is to share food amongst those experiencing food insecurity in our community.

Our efforts aim to ease the burden of choosing between paying bills and feeding our families. For the last seven years, we have focused on serving those experiencing homelessness. Recently through Greater Goods, our free grocery store, we have shifted gears to ensure parents are able to feed their children.

We are a liaison between a hungry, struggling mind and a focused, nourished soul. 

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Greater Goods Impact in 2022 - present

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Customers served

"We are all human beings; all in the same boat. Some of us may be falling off a little. No one deserves to drown. Let's just extend our hands to those who need a hand up."

Sunday Love In the News

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Join us for a Sunday Love Fundraiser

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No matter how much or how little you 
have to offer, we appreciate your support!
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